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New tennis court reservation partner Namyangju BB Tennis!

Namyangju Tennis Court Reservation BB Tennis Court

Today, as the chilly weather continues, we would like to introduce Pleasure Partner's new indoor tennis court.

Introducing the warm new open coat and the newly joined pleasure partner coat.

Namyangju tennis court reservations are available at Pleasure!

👉BB Tennis Court👈

Location: Dasan New Town (about 20 minutes from Seoul)

Court: hard court

Cost: Weekdays/Weekends 40,000 won

✅ Checklist:

✔️ Secure floor height

✔️ Secure baseline space

✔️No lighting glare

🎾Gaming available

🅿️Parking available

⏰ Open 24 hours a day

🔥 Barbecue also available

Since it is the entrance to Dasan New Town, it takes about 20 minutes on average from Seoul depending on the time! It is open 24 hours a day, so you can enjoy it regardless of the weather. There aren't many fixed rental teams yet, so let's enjoy it in advance!

In addition to this, you can enjoy it comfortably at any time at Pleasure, which has the largest number of tennis court reservations in the country 🚀

Namyangju tennis court reservation is also a pleisure!


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