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⭐ Pleasure Top 5 coat reservations for the second half of 2023 ⭐

Pleasure users who are tennis enthusiasts, take note!  🎾

Announcing the top 5 hottest tennis courts in the second half of 2023!

These coats are on fire with your passion! 🔥

🏆 From 1st to 5th place, all in one place!  Check out how great the coats below were this year:

1️⃣ [Iktus Tennis Court] A popular court with high reservation competition!

2️⃣ [Hong Tennis Court] Loved by tennis enthusiasts with its excellent facilities and atmosphere!

3️⃣ [Hwaseong SS Tennis Court] A place of constant passion and challenge, playing here is different!

4️⃣ [Oryun Indoor Tennis Court] A place where great games and comfortable relaxation coexist!

5️⃣ [Sudogong High School Tennis Court] A court with optimal conditions for the best play!

📈 But wait, in addition to the Top 5, there are places that will soon catch up with bookings exploding every week!  Will they be able to challenge the Top 5 soon?

🌟 Let’s see how data will change in the first quarter of 2024!  Please look forward to seeing whether a new star court will be born, whether the existing strong players will maintain their positions, and how the tennis court reservation battle will unfold! 🎉

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