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More customers​

Widely and diversely

Pleisure AI Court Manager helps the manager with daily life and provides data-driven support for more efficient operations.

All tennis courts can be automated.

Profitable as is but more freedom.

Solutions for 24-hour operation

Non-face-to-face customer service is like a regular customer.

​Once you visit the tennis court, you become a lifelong customer and we operate 24 hours a day.

Close customer care

Pleisure partners increase their average hourly sales. You can also ask people who are already using it.

Sales Management

Experience new tennis court operation with data-driven price recommendations and marketing support.

​Quick and easy.

​Optimization of court operation

“Pleisure can be expressed in one sentence:

“A lifetime companion.”

Oryun indoor tennis court

Customer Service is provided in 1:1 chat on our App.

If you are a facility operator or an owner Email us for a demo.

Are you overwhelmed with daily phone calls or pressed for time? If you manage a facility, inquire now.

With Pleisure, automation kicks in, allowing you to focus on your establishment worry-free.

Do you operate a tennis or a pickleball facility?